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Fuzz Evil-Wanderers Wake (Official Music)

Fuzz Evil-Wanderers Wake (Official Music)

🔥 Fuzz Evil - "Wanderers Wake" (Official Music ) 🔥 Enoy the latest release, Wanderers Wake, from FUZZ EVIL!. As purveyors of chug-heavy, fuzz-laden riffs, this Rock ensemble unleashes a monolithic fuzzpocalypse that reverberates through your ears and straight to your soul. With raw, gritty Fuzz and unique tones, FUZZ EVIL combines baritone fuzz, extraordinary riffs, and heavy bass tones to create a sound that's as soulful as it is earth-shattering. Wanderers Wake is the first single of Fuzz Evil 4th studio record "Smear Merchants" to be released this summer. Fuzz Evil constantly evolves their music and the "Smear Merchants" album will more expressly delve into feel of doom metal/stoner . For the Fans of bands like Elder, Howling Giant, and Queens of the Stone Age Links: Desert Records: Official Website: Socials: Fuzz Evil is: Vocals: Wayne Rudell Guitar: Wayne Rudell Bass: Joseph Rudell Backing Vocals: Joseph Rudell Baritone Guitars: Preston Jennings Drums: Cajun Adams Song written by Fuzz Evil Song Recorded, Produced, and Mixed by: Joseph Rudell Song Mastered by: Mark Milbourne. Art by: Joseph Rudell Lyrics: The moon weaves in the shadows Faint beams for the eye of one. Wanderers Wake as whispers creep from their slumber. In the echoes of sleep now We dream for the eye of one No darkness of Morning. Night breaks with the sight of Sun I lie Awake I lie Awake Sleep withers slowly from her hand She lingers wanting to find it all No rest for the weary A sandmans inquiry now Wanderers wake as whispers creep from their slumber In the echoes of sleep now we dream for the eye one No darkness of Morning Night breaks with sigh of sun For more updates and exclusive content, follow FUZZ EVIL on all social platforms Turn up the volume! immerse yourself in the fuzz! and join FUZZ EVIL on their journey. #FuzzEvil #StonerRock #DesertRock #AlternativeRock #MusicVideo #MyOwnBlood #RockMusic #NewMusic #Fuzzpocalypse #GuitarRiffs #BassHeavy #SoulfulMusic #IndieMusic #MusicCreation #RockBand #FuzzyTones #stonerrock #doommetal #stonermetal


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